Principal Message

Dr. O.Hari Babu


“Education of the highest order aims at Training, Guiding, Inspiring, Motivating and Leading young men and women in the ever expanding horizon of insatiable Thirst for Knowledge coupled with the hankering after the ever so near yet ever so far wisdom and enlightenment.

Preparing 'world ready', 'market ready' and at conscionable, sensible, morally correct, ethically groomed candidates is by no means a small endeavour. The daunting task of inspiring young minds, setting their hearts on fire with initial inertia, giving them the sense of direction and purpose, something to live up and live for, giving them the power to act/delegates as agents of change and instruments of progress, is the meaning of the higher education." cv

I keep telling all my students and fellow colleagues that “what you are now is not good enough to keep you there” hence keep updating your knowledge. To acquire the latest information on new technologies and to inculcate the same for the benefit of aspiring students, institution, industries and other sectors like health, information and communication etc., So also a firm teacher focusing on every student’s rich mind to get new dimension found visible for experience the fact of invisible to the betterment of tomorrow.

Today we are at the zenith of excellence in International and world at large. Nevertheless the quest of constant innovation and unfolds relentlessly. Let every step of ours be a conscious and meticulous exercise to improve and enhance in all the direction recognized as KAIZEN. Education is the very way of our life and when it improves, life does too. Last but not the least; we aim at generating more successful students as job creators beside job seekers. ”